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Jay Goodman Tamboli

A, B, and Billy Bragg sure sound like conditions to me. But let me know if this works.

Julie Carter

Gosh, I have it all, including the more accomplished sister. Um, and a husband. Damn!


My dear, this is why you are *already* married. . .


Hmmm, by Monday...? I'm going to infer that:

a)you're being coerced into an arranged marriage to Martha Stewart and need an excuse to back out,

b) have a high school reunion to attend,

c) it was a dying Godfathers wish that you marry on that date,

d) you accidently proposed to a stranger in your building during a prolongued sleep deprived state,

e) El Gato Perfecto feels she needs a female role model, or

f) the aliens commanded you to do it.

ps(The post about the sexy little number in red made me burst out laughing...pity my neighbours, it's well after 2am here!)


pps( my spelling gets creative after midnight)


Wow, funny. Hahaha.
Hey, now do u have your mate? Post a sequel.

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