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Congratulations on meeting a dream!

ps(great pics, and the beard suits you)

Steve S

Lookin' good! :-)


Congrats on the swearing in! The pithy phrase on the wall is a nice touch.

Mark Bennett


The inscription on our criminal courthouse begins "Abandon all hope . . ."


Congrats sir! And to think I've read it all as it happened. . .


Thanks all,

Amy (I assume this is the Amy of the Small Branches) - you've had a long road yourself. . .one which hooked into a dark wood, but has now turned back out, I hope.

Mark and Beanie - if you look harder you'll see air quotes around certain words, "labor" *not* being one of them. Mark'll be able to spot the exact ones, I'm sure.

Kat - the beard thing is weird in that I'm always at a loss to people's reactions. I've been amongst communities of women who rail at any kind of facial hair, but most of the people I interact with on a daily basis in Miami have randomly complimented it.

Glenn I

Aw! What a sexy new attorney!

May you practice until you get it right! Then retire wealthy.

Happy New Year!

Here are few extra exclamation points for when you need 'em:

Amy of Small Branches

It's me, of course! And I've been impressed at how well you seemed to have kept your cool through the whole experience. (Of course you might have been flipping out OFF-line & we'd have never known!)

One must drop by the tulgey woods now and again to remember what they're capable of doing (and of enduring). I've learned quite a bit on my journey. All is well here.

Cheers Again!



Shows you how out of touch I am. Many belated congrats! A huge honor and you deserve it.


Shows you how out of touch I am. Many belated congrats! A huge honor and you deserve it.


Thanks again - and Steve, no worries. A full life is a full life.

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