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A request for stress? I've got some to spare, where should I send it?

(Ping me if you pass through this area... I'm pulling for you.)



You can send that stress to:
[email protected]rists.lawschool.com

I will be in New England over the break, but have a sentencing down here the second week of January.
If you're around during those first days of the New Year, I'd love to buy you a beer somehwere.


I also got a nice response from the Stress Requestor which more cogently summed up the problems inherent in the LS educational system. I'm glad to know that others have the same reservations I do. His email ended with the rather ballsy "But it is what it is. For now." which I optimistically took as an indication of his commitment to bring some kind of change to the profession and it's crucially formative first three years. Hell yeah, make some change.



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