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I decided I wanted a hard copy of this; these 33 pages...
Good thing I'm at work.

chris borreca

thank you very much for this. wish i had read this 35 years ago.


Thanks, I'm glad it's been useful to read. That makes it worthwhile to write.

Edmund Schilvold

Great article, and all in all one of the best introductions to the art of poetry I have seen online.

I do not, however, agree with all that is said in the "Buzz off you Greekies!"-part ... For those who would like to explore the concepts of rhythm and meter, I would recommend the book "All The Fun's In How You Say A Thing: An Explanation Of Meter & Versification" by Timothy Steele.


I had no prior knowledge of poetic meter when I began reading the above mentioned book, but Steele has written a great introduction, a must-read for any would-be poet, even if he or she is planning to write free verse only.

Live long and prosper,

Edmund Schilvold

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