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There's such a thing as vegetarian Haggis?! I'm curious as to what you stuff it in during the cooking process(ie. in lieu of the traditional sheeps stomach). Would you be willing to share the recipe some time?

ps(Thanks for including Signposts in the blogroll, the "Odd Blogs" category is most fitting! *grn*)

Stitch in time

Halloween is a terrible corruptor of children, as is Santa Claus (the similarity between the names "Santa" and "Satan" is no coincidence).
The gods use the grossly disfavored Irish as scapegoats, initiating the annual practice of wickedness on Halloween by creating this Celtic holiday so long ago. They use it to justify making the celebration of evil acceptable behavior among the disfavored of the 20th century::::::
The Irish are used to justify corrupting the children, the gods' MOST FAVORED AMONG US, and this helps explain their disfavor.

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