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Heh - I always run the term "nun" into a conversation if my wife isn't paying attention. "And so today we got the Johnson contract, blah blah BLAH blah (wife starts fading out on me) and then the funniest thing happened, I stopped by the convenience store and there was a nun robbing the place.

But however you blur the details, "awful faux southern place" can only mean two words: "Cracker Barrel." As a southerner, I must beg you to find some authentic breakfast places...

Sure, Superman's living a lie; oddly, he's the only superhero that wears the mask when he's OFF duty. hehe


Actually it was a step down from Cracker Barrel, which kept me alive and moving on the cheap in my poverty stricken cross country trekking days. I'd get the 2 egg thing and the waitress would always fill up my thermos with coffee as I left. But yeah, terribly faux.

I did have a very good breakfast at Revolutionary Soups in Charlottesville. If you're ever in town, you should check it out.

I need to find out what Paul Guest (link on right) thinks (in detail) of the new Superman. The more time that passes, the more I find myself liking it.

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