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This doesn't sound good...hope everything's ok?


Whatever the trouble is I wish you all the best in dealing with it. Seth and I are always here, and if there's anything we can do please let us know.


Scott Scheule

Please let us know what's going on as soon as possible.

Take our love and concern until then.



I'm sorry if I've alarmed anyone - I think I posted out of shock.

While I do try to be very up front in general, this is one of those (few) things I have to be a bit mum about - promises made to people about confidentiality and all that.

I feel slightly embarassed that I posted this, and I'd just delete the post, but for my concern a deletion would send a weird signal to any who read or responded (publicly or privately).


I'm so glad to know (via your blogs) that things are going well for each of you. Good fortune for others is a strong solace.

My very best,



No worries...understood! :)I hope that whatever the scenario is that it's soon resolved/overcome, and that things become more peaceful for you.


Christ. For lack of a better term...what a drama queen.

You could have at least come down with some sort of incurable disease or something.

In short, you're an emotional weakling prone to unnecessarily provocative and just plain silly hyperbole. I suspect your skin might not be thick enough for the legal profession. I also suspect you have a vagina, but that's another topic...


woaaaah there..."I also suspect you have a vagina..." Um, Badass...I guess this is meant to be a joke? Just didn't translate that way for me...


Heh. Yeah, "badass" - it's pretty ballsy to post without IDing yourself. You're a regular John Wayne.

Who are you and why do you even care what I do on my blog?

Are you so emotionally invested in what I type that you feel the need to post and to try to take me down a peg?

I mean, I don't even know you so why do you think I'd care?


In other news, I'm feeling better about things now that the shock has ebbed somewhat. I had a tremendously good ride today - 20 miles, oceanside. If only the paper were as much fun.


(I thought this might have been a friend...apparently not)

Incidentally, I think it takes a whole lot of Moxy to be authentic about what's going on in your life. Good for you! That's what is called a real man and I respect you for it.

Your friends here are glad things going better (and a little jealous of your bike ride with oceanic views) :)

Scott Scheule

No worries. I'm given to melodrama myself.

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