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Steve S

I think this is a really good analytical trouncing of the more tenuous connections Foetry makes too big a deal about. Richard Howard consistently picking his students for awards is disgraceful. Ditto Jorie Graham. But "I once mentioned him on my blog" or "He's from the same state"? Gah.

Here's the last message I was going to post on the Foetry forum, which I think ate the post, but I'll be damned if I'm going to go back and find out now



I didn't say private forum, I said another forum. This one's poison.

Now you're getting all defensive. Perhaps it's because you posted something using what was demonstrated to be woefully inadequate research. The halfhearted apology/renewed attack doesn't do much for me--you didn't post and say "I'm interested in finding out more" or even "This looks bad, what's the deal?"

No, you reached a conclusion based on your faulty research and without input from anything or anyone else, and you used these faulty conclusions to be snide and nasty about something you were demonstrably incorrect about, as evidenced by the fact that your post opened with "From the Department of Just Doesn't Get It" and closed with "This contest turned out just how I'd hoped it would not."

And while we're at it, I'm going to reiterate my original point about your own conflict of interest. How is it possible for someone whose nearest-and-dearest is an entrant in the poetry publishing/contest community to be impartial in deciding what is and isn't okay in how contests are run? Conflicts don't come much more cut-and-dried than that, save for the people here who actually do enter contests. Someone who isn't in the contests and doesn't owe either side anything is required.

A brief aside to Eric Dickey regarding "So what's the deal 3c-ers? "We don't have to answer" admits more guilt." Of course, saying you don't have to answer doesn't admit guilt--otherwise, there would be no such thing as unreasonable search and seizure. Say I want to look at your hard drive to see if you have child pornography. Does refusing my request make you a child pornographer? Of course not. Second, how the fuck hasn't anyone answered? Steve and Tony have both responded. Looks like answers to me.

Look at what you have in this case. A bogus connection involving Tony Trigilio. A publication of Stobb that Steve explained in his post and that you either missed or ignored. A dubious geographical connection (Someone lives in the same city? Holy shit!) made to look silly by the fact that Alan admits he's ALSO in the same city and doesn't know who the guy is and made completely irrelevant by the fact that Millar didn't pick the finalists and Morrison didn't win. (You can research your own forum and figure out which finalist was originally picked but opted for a win elsewhere.) And the fact that one other finalist had prose published in three candles at an unknown time. A grand total of one minor potential conflict? That's meager stuff, sorry.

This site has done some really worthwhile things--exposing the Georgia Series selection of Sacks, for example. But there's so much wrong with it from top to bottom that I've decided the site itself (though not the concept of an actual impartial arbiter of poetry contest fairness) can't be saved. Best with your further endeavors. Feel free to crow if you catch me coming back here barring an actual attack on me or something I'm responsible for.

Steve S.



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