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C. Dale

Most poets make about $1 per paperback. You might make $3 or more on a hardcover. But most poetry books are now in paper because cloth is expensive.


Good point - I like to make sure the numbers out there are fairly accurate. I think that people have little idea how much (or little) poets reap as a material reward for their efforts.

Any way you slice it, there's not a living wage in poetry right now.

If you'd care to chip in on a more theoretical level (as this evolves, here or elsewhere) I'd love to hear your thoughts.



Steve S

I think you've done a good job summarizing my own problems with LangPo. For me, the biggest problem is that it seems to be more about the theory than the poems (with a few memorable exceptions), and if you don't have the whatever manifesto with you to cross-reference as you read, even an educated reader is going to be shooting in the dark in terms of what's going on.

Rik Roots

Probably not the best place for a discussion about who is SoQ and who isn't, but Wordsworth? Ron's kidding, surely?

The American Poetry scene fascinates me in a way because it's so alien to what I was raised on in the UK. And as an outsider I don't have much of a contribution to make on the current debate. But I think the sociology points - how poetry fashions arise, how arbiters of taste and opinion are selected by those seeking directions on taste and opinion, etc - is general enough to cross borders and oceans and I look forward to reading your views on them.

I posted my own (much briefer and more parochial) take on these questions on my blog on Christmas Eve.


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