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Not sure if I'm a tort-minded person, but I know I'm a tortfeasor.

To me, at least, your analysis seems correct. Two things, however, strike me as potential obstacles. The first is pretty obvious: Steve would probably have to prove some damages in order to recover under any theory - maybe he's having trouble sleeping, upset stomach, or perhaps an actual estimate of profit opportunities lost. The second and less obvious thing is that the incorrect statements were presented on a Message Board/Forum which is typically and commonly understood as a forum for posting of opinions (people routinely "flame" each other for no good reason; viewers are reasonably assumed to be on advance notice that all the material there is to be taken with a grain of salt, as it were).

But the arguments can definitely be made...just check up on the SoL for defamation, and wait till you pass the bar and take it on pro bono!


"Second, young writers often benefit from having an established relationship with a press or a publisher that believes in their work. You can’t bind the hands of editors (who make little or no money off poetry) by restricting which young poets they allow into their contests, whether or not those young poets have some “connection” to that editor in the past or to the judge. To do so would create a situation where young poets would publish only in periodicals that couldn’t possibly subsequently aid them in publishing a first or second collection of verse."

Steering clear of the silly Foetry witch-hunts, I'm still curious about some of your statements. Can you elaborate on what you mean by the one above? Specifically on the correlation between not entering contests where you know the judge and publishing only in periodicals? Just curious to know what you’re really getting at here.



foetry is ridiculous, and should never have been paid any attention in the first place. but, in the blogging world, we pay attention to everything, for at least a second.

i don't know why anybody would believe that an art contest could possibly be judged fairly, or that the winners shouldn't have connections or at least a decent resume (in the case of reputable publishers, of which mr mueske has yet to become). in the world of poetry, publishing a book is like scoring a job. the job market is never a level playing field. it's always been who you know, combined with what you bring to the table. this will never change, and there's probably no reason it should.

if people want to spend their own cash entering a publishing contest, then they are free to do that. the contest needs no legitimacy or prestige. after all, look at all the folks who get scammed regularly by www.poetry.com, the international library of poetry. publishing contests from small and virtually unknown presses are practically the same sort of scam, except in a more illusory and justifiable manner. and mr cordle's concerted efforts to out contests as being rigged has done his poet wife a great service. she's gone from sour grapes to having her work published in poetry magazine. how about that, controversy continues to sell. go on folks, keep whipping it up. perhaps somebody's watching.

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