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Thanks for that; I was so upset that I had to miss it.

About the 1L's - that's funny. I'm in the opposite boat: my Con Law I prof was all about "the law" and not about the theory. Now with Peller going over some of the cases we read in CL1 I feel like _I_ should get a refund for the Con Law 1 class.


I'm not sure what Peller is like in ConII, but he's probably going to introduce you (at length) to the crit grab-bag we were taught in Section 3 - shifting the baseline, private/public distinction, the indetermancy of rights rhetoric, etc. I'm sure that you picked up on a bunch of this stuff in section other, or through your own reading, but Peller's got a worthwhile take on it.

Also - Tamboli reports that I was on C-Span last night. Whoo.

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