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"Employers don’t really care about your first year if you do very well in your second year classes"

LOL. Not if "employers" encompasses "law firms."


Well, I suppose I should qualify that. If you do well in B/3 and then well in your second year, I can't see how that would greatly differ from doing well in any of the standard curriculums. And, in fact, B/3 students have the same rate of firm employment after graduation.

Care to share your thoughts "winner"? Been through the process? Do any hiring yourself?


Leaving aside the fact that I have no interest whatsoever in going to law school, you really make it sound like an experience worth having. I wonder if anyone does CS that way? (Heh. Yeah, right.)


Do you have an alternate email address? I just tried to send you an email at [email protected] and it got returned to my inbox


Try [email protected]

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