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One of many possible comments: Prof. Chused is overhauling Legal Process (which is still quite close to the traditional CivPro, though Pillard injects history and policy whenever she can) this summer to be more "Section 3."


Yep - Process used to be fairly radical (if you look at the old outlines and the class proposal). I'm not sure how it became "CivPro Plus," even though Pillard does a great job with the class. Someone was joking as to what our philosophical readings were for that class and another student responded with "Well, the Brennan dissents obviously." (I did like the Luban piece though.)

I think I'll be adding sections to this post which might more overtly reflect my personal critique of law school and of Section 3.

Scott Scheule

What's your source on that Epstein bit?


More please! I've been reading your blog since I was accepted to Georgetown about a month ago, and I'll be deciding between Curriculum A and B soon. Your thoughts are very interesting.


I'll second Hanah: More more! Section 3 has fascinated me since I first learned about it, and from what you've said and I've heard elswehere, I definitely think it should be pushed and expanded and exported elsewhere. Now that you've been through 2/3 to 3/4 of the first year, you're probably more familiar than I am w/major critiques of contemporary legal education, but it certainly seems to me law schools owe society much more than they're giving. (Not to mention what they owe students in return for the incredble tuition payments, which is a related issue.)


Some stuff for you a few posts up.

The Epstein comments come from some of the original archived Section 3 materials which will soon go on the web for public access. These include some of the early documents like original Dep. Ed. grant proposal, memos from the professors explaining the unique courses they were developing, reports from the various first year caucuses.

Hopefully we’ll have this material up in 2/3 weeks. It should largely augment what I’ve written thus far, and makes for fascinating reading (esp. the proposed classes and the first-year student reactions). However I don’t think there will be huge surprises/revelations that go beyond the thumbnail sketch.

There are many areas of law school that are ripe for reform – (I’m with you on the whole cost/services critique). It’s sort of shocking that there’s been no move to export B/3 that I’m aware of. I think part of the reason why is that law school traditionally keeps students very busy (who has time to organize a conference on law school reform while in law school) and there’s not much incentive for schools to reform on their own – they’re too busy following the lead-dogs.

I’m hoping that just getting this information out on the web will start to produce a critical mass for change among both current and prospective students. Really, when you think of it, pre-internet, how would law students in different schools exchange information en mass? An article here or there I suppose in a journal. I think the key to change is both local pressure within schools, and a kind of generalized externalized pressure. I’d love to see what would happen if GULC got a ton of topflight prospectives all clamoring to get into B/3 – would they expand to two sections as was one time proposed? Would we see students passing over “higher ranked” schools (USNWR) specifically for B/3? What kinds of pressure would that create in other law schools? How far “down” in the rankings would prospective students go to attend a school with a B/3 curriculum? Honestly, if Uconn had one, I’d probably be there right now (especially at their modest cost).

One of the more distant phases of my own project will be to collect information on other law schools with alternative grading structures/curricula. I know a few of them are out there (someone placed the number at around 10).

I’ll be making a more public request for information sometime soon, but if anyone reading this would like to mail me (or post) pointers/information/suggestions on such law schools, I’d be very grateful.

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