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But hey, keep in mind that Florida is not the South. The South is made up of mostly sparsely populated states, Georgia is one of the most populous, and we only have 15 electorial votes. Two years ago Georgia elected it's first republican governor since Reconstruction (yeah, yeah, we still date things from the civil war, it was a bit of a turning point).
But I do see how it appears irrational, but more than that, uneducated. I am much more upset by the deceptive way Amendment 1 to the Georgia Constitution (on gay marriage) was worded - one sentence to explain a 5 page amendment. But take heart, the South is changing, one generation at a time.


I actually lived in GA for awhile and voted in the 2000 Presidential election there. I have a little anecdote I tell about that event. I was working locally, dressed moderately conservatively – jeans, white oxford, sports coat, black shoes. I wasn’t wearing any jewelry and my hair was pretty short. Basically, I looked like “Joe Guy.” I was walking from the polling location back to my car when someone crossed my path – a real bubba: beer belly, greasy T-shirt with some faded southern rock logo, yellowish beard and baseball cap. He looked at me, leered, and said, “Ya voted for Clinton, didn’t ya?” Normally I don’t get off good lines – but for some reason I was so confused I actually said, “William Jefferson Clinton wasn’t a candidate in this election. So I voted for Gore.” Bubba sputtered and said, “Gore – Clinton, it’s the same damn thing,” before storming off to the polls. This, I think, is the dominant southern mentality of fitting like things into boxes (yes, I know there are many mentalities). I’d go further and say that most of the southerners I know are single issue voters, or at least are incapable of balancing self-interest against the chance to somewhat vicariously harm others ‘not like them.’ Because really, if you think that banning gay marriage has anything to do with avoiding harm to one’s (straight) self, or preventing harm to others then I’ve got some nice property just to east of Savannah I’d like to sell you.

Just to be up front, I really dislike the South. And I’m not confusing that dislike with you or the arguments you’ve made. I’m just a bit angry right now.

I heard a good point made today at a Federalist Society meeting (which, I think, quieted the Federalists for a bit); the framers **never** intended for the executive branch, the legislative branch (and now, by default almost) the judiciary to be controlled by one party that would reinforce each other’s interests and potentially act to keep that one party in power. Will Bush resist the temptation to skew the court, to try to reverse the country’s social path by conservative judicial appointment?

Today is a bad day.


Clinton? North Korea was on the verge of toppling over and Carter and Albright showed up in good cheer and shoot publicity film for days on end. And during that decade, just a few million dead from starvation, and another five, six hundred thousand murdered in the gulags. Were you feeling shame back then? As for Iraq, well listen to what the Kurds think, listen to what the March Arabs have to say. It is a tough road, but better than the previous thirty years. Lebanon? Georgia? Oh well, probably not an argument you will give a chance. But you seem to have bought into the belief, more told than true, that the "world" is upset with Bush and America. What part, and whom? As for the terrible South, well I got along just fine there, as a foreigner, and an Asian. Much better than all the "ugly Americans" I ran across in the North and who seemed to make up most of the media and academia. For a poet, you sure are easily convinced of your own opinions and exist on a level far from the marrow. But I like your blog. And if you are ever in Kyoto, I'll buy you a beer and talk about other things. Politics not all that important. Unless you're a poet wondering if the secret police are coming.


March Arabs? Now that would be an interesting bunch. Leap year Christians, anyone. Marsh Arabs, is what I meant. Too much Sake no doubt. Cheers.

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