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I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I love sports overall and I completely relate to being overly emotionally involved. Football is my love, the SEC is my conference, Georgia is my team. The SEC is unpredictable and this year every team has a heartbreak and a glory (except Auburn - I hate Auburn, I can't wait for their demise). But after Georgia lost to Tennessee in Athens at the last minute, my emotions were gone. I couldn't go to the Braves game two days later because I couldn't get emotionally involved in another sporting event so soon (the Braves lost, as they tend to in October). I was spent. But I think you can handle it. If you were ever going to emotionally invest, the World Series is the time. I have to go to the Ga-Fl game next week - a game I have been attending off and on since I was 12 (bringing younger children to this game is frowned upon) and the Dawgs have won one time since I was 12 - and I wasn't there. And it is going to hurt a lot if we lose again. But maybe we won't. And maybe the Sox will pull through. They sure looked good this week. Don't let those fair weather fans reap the benefits and enjoy the series more than you - you deserve it. I don't know much about baseball rituals - our rituals involve dressing up to the nines in red and black and drinking bourbon and coke. But I think you should live it up - this is exciting. I'll be cheering for the Sox.

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