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Scoplaw, great post. I'm not much of a cycli - erm, bike rider as I am a canoeist & kayaker but I do put a lot of kilometres on my ol' hybrid bike. I use it for everything. One day I will get a dedicated road bike but being a boat guy first, it'll have to wait.

Your post reminded me of a phase I went through. I noticed a few weeks ago that I had been seduced by gear , and had developed in the past few months a real acquisitive, sweet-tooth attitude (which was only heightened by reading my friend's back issues of Outside). Thankfully I resisted a lot of it, but I did feel for a while there like I was missing out somehow without all the latest toys.

It's pretty heartening to read that a dedicated rider doesn't sweat a lot of the details that the cycling world takes very seriously. Anyways, cool blog.

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