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The poor cat spent hours tyring to get someone to help him and was ignored, thus I think the cat should be named "Kitty Genovese".


Well, hello, handsome. Love those big green eyes.

This is where I recount how my grandfather and those of his generation tended to name black cats for Black people in the news, e.g. "Mookie" (Red Sox player) and "Jesse" (with a white collar; you can guess his namesake.) I like remembering the tradition but don't think it should be continued.


He does look like a man of the cloth..how about Oscar, in honor of Father Oscar Romero, and a nice Cuban name since he is from Miami. Once introduced, I'm sure EGP will teach young Oscar [or whatever he ends up naming himself] all he needs to know about bathing and surviving in your absence!

Scott Scheule

Holy crap, that's cute. I name all pets after famous composers. Or types of candy.

How've you hashed your future up? Email me, and let me know. I want to show how I've outhashed you.


Definitely compassion, not stupidity!

If I lived anwhere in the vicinity I'd gladly adopt him - I mean, who can honestly resist the white-tipped toes, and desperately hopeful eyes? I agree with Rebecca, my bet is that EGP will probably help take on the task of raising him/ keeping him in line while you're at work.

(pondering ideas for names...)


Don't leave us hanging! What did you decide? And how do you train a cat to clean himself - do you lick him? Lick yourself and hope that ignites a mental spark?


I stumbled across your post while trying to find instructions on how to teach a cat to bathe themselves. (We adopted a long-haired rescue who seems to partly have the idea... she bathes her front paws only.)

Any tips or suggestions on how to teach her how to bathe herself would be much appreciated.

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