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Those people who truly enjoy the benefits of the status quo, care nothing for the rest of us. As long as they believe they can insulate themselves and their children, they are more than happy to sacrifice the rest of us to our own fate.


Seriously, if you're going to depress us with a cold bitchslap of reality, the least you could do is give us a kitten update.

Lisa Winett

This is an interesting post in light of the current presidential election coming up. I used to be a democrat who believed in helping all the people and commiting my life to being part of the solution. Then, through a certain circumstancial complications became a componant of the "problem." I'm a single mom raising a boy in a dangerous world full of married couples doing life the "right" way all the while feeling like they care about people but still leaving us in need to fend for ourselves. However, I don't favor the traditional democratic view point of more social programs or the "let's all work together" attitude of solving the worlds problems. I have friends and family entrenched in the San Fransisco "activist, social reform" community and when a tree fell on my home three hours away, noone came up to help rebuild my barn. I passed out flyers to my son's little league team asking for help and no one showed up or called. Instead, everyone sent money or drove to New Orleans, over 1000 miles away, to help total strangers rebuild there homes. When the tradgedy hit me, where was the help?

I'm Green forever, but I get depressed when the good spirit of social reform falls prey to the timeless pitfall of the popularity contest.

What is the solution to our domestic social problems? How 'bout get off your ass and make peace locally with the war mongers, the capitalist executives, the "take care of my family firsters", start your own small buisness, take the money, and make what you want with it. Even if the people with money don't want to be friends, the least we can do is try. Bitching gets boring.

By the way, who ever came up with the idea of the Earned Income Tax Credit, that is by far the best solution to the agony of not having enough money for I've had the pleasure of partaking in ever. I don't recomend staying in a state of poverty for a long time, but if that is where you are, then this little bootie is nice. I hope who ever wins next doesn't take that away.

Thanks for the blog, you're a great character for the world, a poet gone public defender, well done.

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