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I've gotten so fed up with my ADAs, that "Are you fucking kidding me?" is bound to come out of my mouth one of these days.

Julie Carter

I thin that may be my favorite blog post in history. Oh my.

t. p.

seems to me there's a poem or two lurking in the mayhem (aka par-for-the-course) day that was Feb. 12th. May I add today's tranny trying to spit at me from the holding cell while I was trying to get a client to sign a rights waiver form?
Glad to have discovered the blog.


Oh geezus. That's one of the most absurdly comical things I've heard about life in the trenches in a long time.

My head probably would have turned sideways slowly, a la Stewie in the "upside down face" scene.

Chicago Typewriter

Wow. That is some amazing crap. We should swap "embarrassing opposing counsel" stories sometime.

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