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That, my friend, is a perfect example of why you won the Rodney! I love the fox/hedgehog thing. Perhaps I'm more hedgehog than I thought, since this is the first I'm hearing of it...

The "what do you do" conversation has been strange in the past year. I tell people I'm a public defender and inevitably their reaction is, "well, you have to start somehwere" or, "don't worry, I'm sure you'll find something better soon." Grr..


Nope - you're a fox. Cycling tours in Europe? Novels in a month? Enabler of Law Student Bloggers? Public Defender? Certainly a fox.

As far as the "what do you do?" conversational thing goes, on the one hand, if you respond "lawyer" there's the whole "where did you go to law school?/what type of law do you practice?/what firm?" thread. But at least you establish the "I am a real lawyer" thing.

If you respond with "assistant public defender," there's the whole "assistant/are you a lawyer/god you're an evil son of a bitch" thread. But at least it's out in the open quickly and you can move on to the various subtleties of calling people morons without them realizing it.

If I sound jaded, it's only because I am.

The truly gross thing is that I often feel compelled to tell people I turned down other offers and opportunities. Why do I do that? Do I just want to legitimate myself and move on? Or should I even bother?

Hmm. More thought is required.

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