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unless, of course, your heart is so shaped that it can always and only hold a faux-race-neutral, empty-Christian, late 19th Century Capitalism, expressed by combatively engaging others who disagree with you. Meh.

Curious statement :) Are you referring to the kind of Christian-in-name-but-not-in-truth "empty-Christian", or something else?

Scott Scheule

I think he's just talking about me. Which is cool, any publicity's good publicity.

Scott Scheule

Except for the whole having a heart thing.


Kat -

I owe you an email or two I think. But, in response to your question, yes. There's a kind of hypocritical moral condemnation that runs through the law - by which I mean to say that "equal" factual crimes are often not "equally" prosecuted - and the breaking point is how much "moral" offense there is (e.g., was it a white or a black man who made sexual advances on that white woman?).

But, obviously, it's a kind of artificial moral offense - artificial in the sense that the same faux-Christian/bourgeois code which people condemn *out* of has, as its central tenant, has, as embodied in its prefect exemplar, the unequivocal command - "Forgive." No matter how fucking hard it is, no matter how much it may ingratiate you to the powers that be to condemn (and thus protect their interests) (and, thus, *because* it would do so) you *must* forgive and bear the burden and find worth in the lowliest of the low.

You (or anyone) can argue that one must render unto Cesar. . .and in the realm of taxes, that's OK. But it's pure cowardness for anyone to proclaim themself "Christian" and then smugly condemn on Cesar's grounds.

People used to get crucified for that. Now they're just incarcerated. Or executed. As the case may be.

Meh. Don't take this personally. I know enough of you to think you wouldn't reason like that. But so many do. And that's sad.

Scott -

You've got a brain for your heart. And a wig for your wig.

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