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Seth Abramson

Congratulations! Bloody excellent!

SO happy for you!


Congratulations counselor!


Congratulations to you! Welcome to the club!


Outstanding! Congratulations to you!

Frolics and Detours

Many congratulations!


Excellent news! *Cheering from across the Canadian/ US border*


Thanks all,

I just got paper confirmation today. While one can never really overstudy for the bar, my results surprised me. Based on the MBE score, I can now seek to be admitted into Minnesota, North Dakota and the District of Columbia bars without having to take their local bar exams. They are the only three jurisdictions that do this. Given that Florida has no reciprocity, this is something I should explore.

The only thing left to do is to wait on the results of the FL character and fitness examination - although it's really more of an inquiry.

Now - off to bed, headcolds are best fought with food and sleep.




CONGRATS! So happy for you (and jealous that I will be waiting forever and ever and ever). Yay for you!

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