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Another one: "The process is the punishment."


Feel free to add 'em when you feel like it (I know you must have tons.)

I thought I'd try to at least write down one thing said/speculated-upon per day as a start to PD blogging. Although I'd love to write in depth about the things I've seen thusfar, there are all those usual client-confidence issues. FL appears to be pretty strict, so right now I'm erring on the side of caution.

Another line from last week was the proverbial "Your Honor must 'send a message.'" To which I'm thinking, at this point the Defendant has been in jail for several months (with all the stink and despair and anxiety that entails), hasn't seen his kids, has lost whatever job or job-leads he had, is most likely facing a further loss of his liberty or at best constraints that will make it difficult for him to lead a 'normal' life, and, overall has probably had one of the worst years of his life.

Geeze Mr. Prosecutor, consider the message sent and received. And by "received," I mean nailed into his forehead with a ten-penny nail. Which in some ways might actually be kinder.

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