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Wherever it is, sounds heavenly right now!

Scott Scheule

Is it Costa Rica?


Aka Paradise...! Glad you're having some quality relaxing time!

(Sounds like Northern Australia, but I'm logic suggests it's probably Miami as Law-Rah said)


(edit: "but logic suggests". Getting too relaxed myself these holidays! *grn*)

Charlsie Kate

Come on kids - there are no mountains in Miami. Not even what you might term a hill.

Early flight. Mountains. I assume it isn't somewhere that involves a super long flight, since it probably wouldn't be worth it for less than a week.

I'm thinking either Puerto Rico or Jamacia. I think Jamacia probably has better coffee and beer, but I think Puerto Rico is more likely to involve Justice Kennedy and be a possible location for friends to live.

But I guess it could be anywhere in the caribbean. Umm, except, maybe Cuba. Or you could be mexico somewhere.

I love puzzles.

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