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Congratulations on surviving law school!

Good that you're using this time to reflect and regroup rather than just thrusting towards at the next goal.


Thanks for being honest. I am still in the stage where I'm embarrassed of my halves, my oh-so-poorly-executed efforts. The "so under-educated it feels like fraud" part really hit me too. But you're right. You find the center and go from there.


Thanks K and D - we'll feel how I think about reflection/efforts after the bar exam!




interesting. While I attended law school some time ago ('90-'94) and don't practice now (software industry but actually legally related - now) I can sympathize with many of your points here -

It was a weird change from college to law school where in the former, you had people pursuing all different directions/pursuits whereas in the latter, you had essentially 3 groups of people (as I saw it): a) those who were going straight through (me); b) those who were coming back for a new career; and c) those who were 'piling on' - namely doctors coming back for law degrees = higher-paid expert witness w/o the malpractice liabilities anymore; paralegals coming back to earn their REAL status for what they were already otherwise doing from day to day; and so on.

What I found interesting was that from 1L to 3L year many transformed as you note above - many ended up (and some already were) the types of people who would sell their own mothers for that 'killer holding' or 'next step to federal clerkship', etc. - same as stepping over the bodies in business but in some ways even worse, because you'd think of all people, atty's should know better? they are certainly trained to :)

Ultimately I ended up doing many other things until ending up a longer term 'techie', telling myself via rationalization or simply being honest with myself, that I wasn't cut out to be a lawyer, didn't want to wear a suit to work, didn't want to put up with egomaniacs all day, . What I found along the way (and now that my tech experience has veered back directly into the legal community 12 years after taking the bar - yes I passed it and yes I get to now pay for the 'racket' of CLEs every year - doh! :) was that lawyers aren't as bad as I thought, there are many out there doing good stuff, and even some of the greedy ones effectively 'stick it to the man' through their incessant attacks on big biz that incents them through its own even more egregious conduct prior - Enron, pharma and insurance come to mind - all part of the mix.

You hint at and talk to 'balance' - I completely agree. As I couldn't earn a living being a lawyer for environmental groups (because most of those lawyers have to survive on other $$, hopefully not DUIs and Family Law but sometimes - while volunteering for the good guys) I can be a techie instead and do that stuff on the side. The kind of introspection you talk about above is VERY valuable and I would encourage all law grads/bar takers to do it early on - the last thing you want is to be the highly compensated (but even more highly UNHAPPY) associate a few-many years in, wondering where the years went and in more debt than you know what to do with.

Thanks for the ability to post and kudos for being open! :)



Well, since I've just discovered your blog I'm a bit late in my reply. That said - I can totally relate to this post. In fact - it seems I can relate more now - four years later. The practice of law is not easy and if you have any kind of an outside life something will have to give and you'll once again feel like your living your live in halves all over again.

Glad I found your blog. I'll make sure to keep up with it (and you).

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