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Major congratulations!!!!



Hope your weather was better than ours. Not sure how many of the Fletcher grads are becoming lawyers, but clearly they were the ones who knew where the keg was...




Thanks all!

Ginger - I've seen you more often than I've seen most people during my 3 years here, which says something.

Flashes - thanks always (and for the James offer) and please excuse my pathetic correspondence skills.

Kim - I'm just kind of humbled and amazed at your story, and I'm glad you decided to share it with us. One foot in front of the other keeps you going; it's my fervent hope that that will be enough for you.

Thanks also to everyone who wrote privately - I appreciate all the kind thoughts and well-wishes.


Nicely done! And it sounds like you're finishing off with a bang, too. Can't wait to hear about the trial if it goes.

Best of luck in orange land -- can't wait to follow your progress there, either! (Sorry I didn't respond to your email of a while back

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