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Congratulations on landing such an awesome position!!! :D

ps(Must admit that at the mention of moving near the ocean, I'm now also extremely envious!)


Congratulations on you're job offer! I'm guessing that you're going down to Miami now and not coming to us! :-P

Jay Goodman Tamboli


Frolics and Detours



Bienviendo a Miami!

I am seriously jealous that you'll be moving to the land of ever present warm weather.


Although I live in Boca Raton (about 50 miles north of Miami) and work in Miami Lakes, let me be the first local to welcome you to south Florida. Hope you keep the blogging up as you ramp up. Congratulations and Good luck!

P.S., a beat up car is perfect for Miami, so fix it.




Congratulations! You'll make a find public defender.


Ugh. Fine, not find. Too damn early in the morning.


Thanks everyone! (Thanks also to Arb and Cap and other blogs who took notice, plus people who wrote privately.)

I wish this meant I could take a break (and do some blogging). What it really means is that I continue to run full tilt, but I'm just now veering to the left as I go. And really, isn't that where we all want to end up?

If anyone wants to visit (either before I jet from DC or after I land in Miami) please drop me a line.


The Scoplaw


Welcome to the world of public defense.

If you thought you were gonna need the power to copy yourself during law school, just wait until three courtrooms are all screaming for you at the same time!


Awesome! Congrats!

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