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Scott Scheule

Dude, if I had what you got going on around the lower face, I'd totally grow it out constantly. But we don't all have thick Ukranian heritage bursting from our pores.


I prefer mustache handlebars to handlebar mustaches.


Ah! I was semi-waiting for that and very glad to see it.

I've fiddled with ergonomic handlebar designs, ones which keep the wrists straight, and (surprisingly or unsurprisingly) I think the old cruiser bars work very well.

I'm also been thinking about fiddling with mt. bike bar ends on standard drop handlebars. Seems like you could find a nice pattern of hand placement on a rig like that. Esp. for climbing, where you want a wide grip but not bent wrists (the wider your hands, the more stable your upper body, hence the more power that goes into moving the pedal down instead of your body upwards)

Alas, I've had no bike work time in ages!


I'm not sure why moustaches aren't popular any more either. It's a pity, as they can be quite rakish when they're properly maintained. Wesley from Princess Bride pretty much converted me to them, so I'm biased on that account.

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