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Scott Scheule

I was going to use "Schedule.blogspot.com", because, my life is like a schedule, but I accidentally left out the D.


That does sound like an *excellent* interview day! I'll be shocked if you don't get a few offers from those highly positive responses.

So what were the caseload estimates you were so shocked with? Misdo attnys in our office are carrying about 100 cases at any given moment and the felony attnys have between 60-100 at any one time. I'll let you know what that actually feels like once I get a few more cases...

p.s.: I'm tentatively planning to post more work-related stuff at mtcrimlaw.com. I still won't be able to post the kind of introspective stories we enjoy from Woman of the Law, Blonde Justice, etc., but some of it might still be interesting.


Question: What's a state level PD - New England?


Scott - fixed. And read.

I - does 250 sound like much? (ack!) The follow up line was "but we plead a lot of those." No shit. I didn't expect they were extensively investigating and developing each case.

Gideon - sorry if that's difficult to follow - I'm still fiddling with details in the blog for various reasons. I'd meant it to designate interviewing with a state-wide Public Defender Organization (in a New England state), as opposed to interviewing for a PD office in specific city or county. So it's not like I'd know which office I'd be working out of in that state.


Hey! Neat to see your site. I attended GULC recently, biked around (including regularly to the jail in the middle of the night) and love my work as a PD in South Florida (which I got after interviewing at the EJW fair for both my 2L summer job and my real job). If you've got questions about working anywhere in South Florida as a Gtown grad, or even other parts of Florida, I have some insights that might help you.


Thanks for the response. I still don't get it. (Yes, sometimes I'm that stupid.) So you interviewed with a PD organization for the region of New England not one particular state? How does that work? Or are you just not listing the specific state?

Sorry, for some reason it's bugging me that I can't understand what you wrote! Don't mean to come across as an ass.


AC - thanks for the response. I think one of my fellow clinic peeps is far more passionate about working in FL than I am - do you mind if I pass your name/email along?

Gideon - Heh. No worries. I'm just not naming the state.

I try to relate "real" things on the blog, but at the same time I want to protect (to some extent) the privacy and comfort levels of the individuals I interact with. Hence the monikers. In this context, I'd rather be able to talk about some of the things that happened to me during the fair without making those who interviewed me feel uncomfortable. (People always seem to get uncomfortable when things get written down, even though I'm clear that I'm always fudging small details.) So in this context that means relating the stories but fudging the IDs of the employers, which in turn means not-naming specific offices or states (with the exception of NY which had multiple offices in attendence.) If I'd interviewed with an Ohio PD (which I didn't), I'd probably just say that it was a Midwestern State PD. Or if I interviewed specifically with the Cleveland PD (don't even know if there is such a beast), I'd have probably said it was a City PD office.

Of course, a very dedicated researcher can always out someone on a blog, can always find the "most likely" solution to a fogged-up post, but what I'm trying to do is just make it very very difficult for anyone to connect the dots. Is this necessary? Maybe not - but I'd like to err on the side of caution.

Maybe I should come up with ficitonal state names to use. There's always "Pensyltucky." But New England. . ."New Massshire?" "Vermonticut?" "Rhode Maineland?" "New Rhode Hampmontcutchusets?"

So - I interviewed with both New Massshire and Rhode Maineland PD offices. The interviews went well, but I've no idea where I'd be placed in either state. I also interviewed with the city of Arkham, due to my ties with Miskatonic University.


Brilliant! Just for that (well, not only that) I've taken the liberty of adding you to my blogroll.

I work for the State PD in Connectiyorkachussettislandshire.


You should come down South. Our trainings are more fun!

jamie allison

It's the Specials, p.s.


It is *indeed* the Specials.


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