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Hey Mr. Scoplaw! I just wanted to thank you for these great rides you're sharing with us. That probably sounds strange, but I've totally loved the biking blow-by-blows recently. I'm not riding much these days, so I'm doing it vicariously through you. If you keep this up, I may even be inspired to get out there myself!

p.s.: Sorry to hear the workweek is kind of a drag. (And that commute! ouch!) I hope it picks up for the last few weeks...


Hey Mr. Ambimb (or is it now Mr. Imb)?

That's odd, because I've been vicariously studying through you. It's been painful. (heh.) I know you'll rock the bar though!

I'm glad that things are falling into place for you and L. Perhaps we can go for a ride under the big sky sometime soon?

Glenn Ingersoll

Landed on your feet, eh?

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