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I'm surprised at the lack of outrage in the first half of your post. I was expecting you to get all Seidman-on-O'Connor on it.

Sister School

Heh. That was *so* funny. Especially when Dihn started to sputter.

Seth Abramson

I was speaking with a young Hispanic man with no prior criminal history. The cell-block interview rooms were full, so we had to speak on a bench right outside a line of cells. There was an elderly sheriff standing nearby, guarding the hallway, who wouldn't give us any privacy. When we were done, he led my client back to his cell, which was only a few feet away. There was a sign on the cell door which said, "No Smoking." My client gave a quiet chuckle and repeated what the sign said, softly, almost to himself: no smoking.

As the elderly sheriff put my client in his cell, he told him, gravely, "That's right, you can burn, for all I care."

This happened today.

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