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Harry R

"It's hard not to take the idea that terrorists are out to destroy the American way of life seriously" - the phrasing seems a little parochial in the circumstances.


The argument that "terrorists are out to destroy the American way of life" *is* very parochial, and one which I often mock. However, I find it ironic that the largely conservative elements that utter those phrases often do so in the context of advocating the curtailment of liberties which form the bedrock of that "American way of life."

Hence, my viewing the latest attacks as "giving gasoline to those who'd like to send us further into a socially-conservative corporate oligarchy."

I should mix my metaphors less.


Hmm. Another problem with the office is dropping comments. I had written in just after my comment above to ask Harry if he was in London and if he'd be blogging about today's horrific events. . .

Scott Scheule

I took the Metro this morning, no difference.

Which terrorists are giving us gasoline, specifically?


I'm in the Boston area, and this morning - no difference. however, during the evening commute, there was a different story. I got onto our T at one of hte main downtown stations, and there were DOZENS of officers there - state police, city police, and metro police. Inside, there were odd "Brave New World"-esque announcements, which I have been mocking for 3.75 hours straight now.

Yet, you get 1/2 mile out of the city, and there's nothing. The logic, I do not understand. Except that I did propose that the show at the downtown station was for the tourists as much as for any notion of safety ...

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