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Scott Scheule

“Deep down they aren't bad people, just mildly confused and highly ignorant about jurisprudential matters.” Beg pardon – do you even know any of us?

Obviously not, since anyone who knows Swanwick is fully aware he's evil all the way down to his deep black core.


Whereas I am highly confused but only minorly ignorant about jurisprudential matters. Frankly I don't see how it could be any other way.


My favorite part:
Professor Ross is clearly an impediment to the goals the Alternative Curriculum.

More seriously, I think that PW is quite right that there's very little legal philosophy in Section 3. There are a lot of political theories (e.g., feminism) and a lot of theories of adjudication (e.g., Legal Process), but very few theories of the philosophy of law, at least as it seems to be understood by its practitioners. PW's characterization of legal philosophy is overly narrow, but it is accurate as a description of the questions most interesting to the bulk of legal philosophers today: (1) what law is and (2) how law can be. Those questions are addressed in Legal Justice only in our readings of Dworkin.

I also think that PW's almost certainly right that we're highly ignorant about jurisprudential matters (if one limits that to the philosophy of law as conventionally practiced today). Not many section members have read much Hart, Dworkin, or Raz, among the more foundational legal philosophers. Very few section members have read much Leiter, Marmor, Coleman, Himma, Finnis, or Brink, among current leading legal philosophers.


These are very valid points, David. Most of my reading has been limited to our Legal Justice reader – with minor augmentation via various law review articles (Kennedy, Peller), largely via getting distracted during my research projects. I certainly haven’t made a systematic study. . .time, time.

I wonder how much legal philosophy (in the broadest sense) the average student gets?

Would you care to pitch your pennies in the Section 3 discussion board? http://www.lawschoolcanbedifferent.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2


I like that he quotes 90210.


It provides a slightly awkward topicality. . .


ProperWinston PWN3D all you Section 3 1L's with that response to your manifesto! 4 realz.

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